About Edisys Consulting

Edisys Consulting is a Norwegian consultancy company that is vendor and technology independent, providing industry leading expertise in digitisation and standardised digital interoperability since 1993.

Standardisation for interoperability and harmonisation

Data and information are playing an increasingly important role for all organisations, as digitalisation initiatives drives change on business processes and IT systems.

We believe that organisations should have an awareness towards available and open standards, and strive for harmonisation of data, information and business processes as part of their enterprise architecture. Standardisation allows organisations to re-use and improve upon components and building blocks, improving governance of systems and implementations.

In our experience, engagement in international standardisation initiatives serves to safeguard that both national requirements and user needs are covered in developing international standards. In order to achieve this, we have chosen to engage in several standardisation organisations and initiatives in several sectors, like CEN, UN/CEFACT, ebIX, IEC/TC57, Standards Norway and Norstella. Our engagement has been both on behalf of our customers and for our own account


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